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Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) MS4 UPDES Permit (PDF) Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP) SWMP 2021 (PDF) For Public input on the SWMP contact Kelsey Christiansen at [email protected] or 435.400.0016. Annual Reports. 2021 MS4 Annual Report (PDF).

We conserve because, as Utahn's, we are not wasteful. Water is the most limited natural resource with 97% of it saltwater and only 3% freshwater. Of this 3%, 2.5% of it is unavailable because it is frozen as snow and ice, locked up in the atmosphere and soil, polluted, or lies too far under the earth's surface to be extracted at a reasonable cost.

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Public Service Commission and Rules. Commission Home Page. Commission Rules R746. Department of Environmental Quality | Drinking Water PO Box 144830, 195 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Phone: (801) 536-4200 | Fax: (801) 536-4211 | Email: [email protected]

Storm Water is the water from rain and snow that runs off the land and enters ditches, canals, streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. ... •Fertilizers and yard waste, such as grass clippings or leaves that are swept down our storm drains contribute to the amount of nutrients in our rivers and lakes. ... UT 84335 | (435) 563‑6226. a municode.


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